What our clients say about TalentMarché International

“Capturing the essence of you and work experience is not easily done on paper. Trina Teo, an experienced Career & Life Coach, is coaching me to create a One-Pager that is consistently proven to get meetings & referrals. Trina is meticulous, insightful and professional in her approach. She provides 360-degree coaching which includes a series of self-assessments so that I have a clear appreciation of my life in terms of passions and my progress, Ikigai, career fitter, and personality profile. In addition, writing out my elevator pitch for use in networking and my career summary plus a LinkedIn profile audit saw positive results including but not limited to how to approach hiring leaders via LinkedIn to ask for advice meetings and referrals. Trina help me to realize my full potential, by identifying my passions and expressing it on paper. I walked away with a few versions of my career outline, but also appreciating the importance of a life plan which I can use as an app for charting my career development and living forward so that I can stay on the path to the life I desire. If you are looking for career and life coaching with impact, I recommend that you reach out to Trina and take up a career bootcamp with her”.

Head Of New Food Product Design & Application & Culinary 

“I have known Trina Teo for awhile and worked closely with her when I was tasked to set up the APAC HR department quite a number of years back.  She is rigorous in her search strategies and processes. She managed to surface a candidate that not only is a ‘stayer’, but also possesses the right technical skills and knowledge, as well as one that is aligned to the overall growth of the company.  What stands out the most are her superior energy level, and her desire to make each candidate’s interaction an example of customer service at its first-class.  I would recommend Trina highly as a professional of the highest caliber in executive search for HR positions as she was from the Industry and she knows exactly what to look for in a HR position. In addition, the creativity and thoroughness of her work is core to her approach that results in trio satisfactions – for the client, candidate, and ultimately the organization”.

Senior HR Director, JDA Software Asia Pte. Ltd.

“TalentMarché International truly understands the importance of accurate Talent placement and Marketplace needs & demands. Striking the ‘right balance’, it brings about professionalism yet personalization to help both the Talents and Organizations create the winning synergy in meeting their short & long term goals.  If you want a ‘typical’ human resource agency or solution, avoid TalentMarché International”.

General Manager, Carbon Interactive Pte Ltd

“I met Trina in 2010 where she impressed upon me her savvy business skills and deep understanding of HR functions in different organisational settings. She is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, highly motivated and driven to excel. She helped me craft my CV professionally in 2010 and in 2012 she coached me for my CEI exams which I am very grateful for. She cares deeply about her colleagues, candidates and clients and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours!”.

Talent Development Executive, successful candidate for Flexecute Pte. Ltd.