What is the benefit to working on retainer or exclusive terms?

It costs no more to work with a recruiter on a retainer basis that it does to work with them on any other basis. The same is true of exclusive recruitment contracts. The difference comes in the timeline for hiring, as a retainer or exclusive hiring contract allows much more time and – thus – allows for a much more thorough candidate research process. Recruiters need a commitment from employers before they spend the time required to adequately source quality candidates.

Remember: Retainers and exclusive agreements cost no more than contingent recruitment!

What is the downside of working on a contingency basis?

Contingent recruitment (sometimes called non-exclusive recruitment) means that the recruiter is competing for candidates and leads either with other recruitment agencies or even with the Client, should they advertise the open position on a job board or any other self-promotion avenue.

This way of working does not produce the best result for the client. The downside of working on a contingency basis will mean that the recruiter will only get paid should they successfully fill the role. Working this way means that the recruiter has to be quick – they simply do nothing more than a quick database search and get as many CV’s that look good to the client as possible so that their chances of filling the job opening increase.

Should I work with a specialist recruitment business?

Having a specialized recruitment consultant will benefit you by allowing you to tap into their network and into their knowledge of the industry in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

If TalentMarché International does not specialize in my sector, how can you interview people for my specialist roles?

This is never an issue, as it provides us with an opportunity to build knowledge and experience in new industries all the time. When presented with a new industry, we will employ a strategic and structured approach to clarify your unique requirements. A customized interview guide will be developed for every role to ensure that only the best candidates are shortlisted for personal interviews with your company.

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